Your Pet’s Name Says Surprisingly a Lot About You

Pet name says a lot about the owner.Did you know that your pet’s name can say a lot about you? “The name of a pet reflects the personality and sense of humor of the owner,” says Lisa Peterson, a spokesperson for the American Kennel Club. “For example, if you name your toy poodle ‘Brutus’, that shows a sense of irony.” Do you sometimes wonder what people think of you when they hear your pet’s name?

While we can’t read everyone’s mind and find out exactly what they’re thinking upon finding out that you named your cat Mr. Cat, we can paint a general picture of what your pet’s name says about you– who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself!

If your pet has a…

#1. Human Name

Examples: Sam, Charlie, Molly, Vito, Eleanor

To you, your pet is so much more than just an animal. You view him/her as a true member of your family. Studies have shown that people who give their pets human names have the closest relationships with their pets. If your pet has a human name, chances are that you celebrate his/her birthday, schedule play dates with other pets, and let him/her sleep in your bed.

#2. Common Pet Name

Examples: Spot, Fluffy, Buddy, Kitty

You like to be comfortable and safe. You don’t feel the need to put much emphasis on your pet’s name, because you understand that his/her personality is unique and great enough to set himself/herself apart from all the other Spots in the neighborhood.

#3. Ironic Name

Examples: A hyperactive dog named Garfield, a kitten named Killer, a sweet harmless little bunny named Godzilla

You definitely have a sense of humor, and you like to showcase it! It also shows that you’re really in touch with your pet’s personality and that you put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect (ironic) name for him/her.

#4. Historical Figure / Celebrity / Famous Character Name

Examples: Madonna, Gandhi, Mario, Zelda, Tesla

You like to show your personality through your pet’s moniker, because you obviously have a high opinion of the person or character you named your pet after. Sometimes, you may have named your pet after a person or character simply because your pet reminds you of his/her namesake. For example, I know a cat named Einstein who got his name because he’s freakishly smart. Naming your pet after a historical figure, celebrity, or a famous character can also mean that you’re sentimental.

#5. An Off-beat Name

Named your pet something like Sir Wolfgang Bow-Wow Windsor? There’s no doubt that you’re very creative! You must also like to be in the spotlight, because you’ve probably figured by now that your pet’s name is almost always a conversation starter. Upon hearing an off-beat name, people always want to know how you came up with it.

What did you name your pet or pets? Do you agree with what your pet’s name says about you according to the above article? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!




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