Can Hamsters Eat Carrots?

Today’s question: Can hamsters eat carrots? Carrots are not only crunchy and tasty, but also full of vitamins and antioxidants. Carrots are one the best health foods for us humans, but what about for pet hamsters? Can you feed carrots to a pet hamster as well?

Can Hamsters Eat Carrots?

The quick answer is yes, it is safe for hamsters to eat carrots in small amounts. In fact, carrots can make a healthy and delicious treat for hamsters and many hamsters absolutely love chewing on carrots. Carrots can provide your hamster with important vitamins as well as help to keep his teeth down.

Before feeding some carrot to your pet, make sure the vegetable is fresh and properly cleaned. Never feed your hamster rotten fruit or veggies! Thoroughly cleaning the carrot is important to get rid of residue pesticides, which can be toxic to hamsters.

Are Carrots Good for Hamsters?

carrots text can hamsters eat carrotsYes, carrots are good vegetables to include in your hamster’s diet. They can provide your pet with some essential vitamins. Carrots are especially rich in vitamin A, which plays many important roles in your pet hamster’s body. It keeps the skin and hair healthy, contributes to the eye health and is important for growth in nursing hamsters.

However, too much of a good thing stops being good, so do not overfeed your hamster with carrots. According to Petcha, too much vitamin A can actually harm your pet hamster, especially if your pet hamster is pregnant.

How Much Carrot Is Safe for Hamsters?

Although carrots are safe for hamsters in small quantities, it is recommended that they are given in small amounts and not more often than 2 or 3 times a week. It’s not only that too much vitamin A is bad for hamsters, but also because of the sugar contained in carrots which might lead to diabetes if feed too often.

On top of that, feeding your hamster a lot of carrot at once, is also not recommended because it can upset the stomach and lead to diarrhea.

The best amount of carrots to feed your hamster is one or two slices a few times a week.

Hamsters Are Food Hoarders

When feeding your hamster with raw carrots, it is also important to remember that hamsters are hoarding animals. If you give your hamster more carrot than he is able to eat in a single sitting, then he is likely to store the leftovers for rainy days. And while that might sound like a smart idea, it can actually cause problems.

Carrots will spoil fast in your hamster’s cage and your hamster could end up eating rotten carrots. Rotten vegetables, however, are likely to upset your pet’s digestive tract and cause diarrhea. A good practice to prevent your hamster from eating any rotten carrots or other veggies is to cut up the carrots (or other vegetables) into smaller pieces and to always check and remove any leftovers from your hamster’s cage.

Do All Hamsters Like Carrots?

Carrots are good for hamsters and most hamster love them because the sweet taste and crunchy texture. However, not all hamsters love to eat carrots.

When first introducing carrots to pet hamsters, it is best to check on them after giving them carrot to see if there is any signs of adverse reaction. If your pet hamster has vomited or is suffering from diarrhea because of eating carrot, do not give your pet anymore carrot or try feeding a smaller portion the next time.

If your hamster is not interested in eating carrots, then that is okay too. While carrots can be a healthy treat for hamsters, it is not a necessary part of their diet and you can try to give your pet hamster other vegetables instead.

Best Ways to Feed Carrot to Your Hamster

When planning to feed some carrots to your hamster remember that a tiny amount (one or two slices) is enough for one time feeding. Make sure that the vegetable is clean and prefer giving your hamster raw carrots instead of cooked as raw carrots are more nutritious and better for the hamster to gnaw on.

You might also want to consider feeding your hamsters by hand as this is a good way to build trust with your pet. However, be careful not to put your hand in the hamster’s mouth, because just like all rodents, hamsters have sharp teeth and they can bite.

Can Eating Carrots Keep Hamster’s Teeth Down?

Carrots have a crisp texture, so chewing on carrots might aid in keeping your hamster’s teeth worn down. However, carrots cannot replace wooden chew toys.

Other Safe Fruits and Vegetables for Hamsters to Eat

Other fruits and vegetables that are also safe for your hamster to eat include the following: apples, blueberries, bok choi, broccoli, cantaloupe, cauliflower, celery, cherries, cucumbers, mango, peaches, pears, raspberries, strawberries, sweet potatoes and kale.

  • Keep in mind that fruit pits and seeds are a choking hazard to hamsters and they also contain poisonous cyanide. Therefore, all pits, seeds and stones have to be removed before feeding fruits or berries to a hamster.
  • And just like with carrots, it’s also important to thoroughly wash all fresh produce to limit the amount of pesticide residue.
The fruits and vegetables not safe for hamsters include: leafy green part of tomato, beans, potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and all citrus fruits.


Carrots, just like many other fruits and vegetables, are safe to eat for pet hamsters. Just remember to always thoroughly clean the vegetable before feeding and after feeding, check and remove any leftovers from your hamster’s cage.

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