Can Dogs Eat Couscous?

Today’s question: can dogs eat couscous? When a healthy homemade diet for your dog is a high priority you might find yourself asking “can dogs eat couscous”? You’re familiar with adding healthy new foods like couscous to your diet and may wonder if it can be fed to your dog as well.

The answer is yes, in most cases dogs are allowed to eat couscous, but there are a few things to be aware of when mixing couscous into your dog’s food.

Adding Couscous To Your Dogs Diet Safely

If you’re experimenting with power foods that are good for your dog couscous should be on your list. When feeding couscous to your dog you’ll want to make sure it’s fully cooked and not excessively seasoned.

The seasonings, including salt, can have adverse affects on your dogs health. Large amount of salt is not healthy for dogs and can cause excessive thirst, urination and even lead to kidney problems. You can safely add an ounce or two of couscous 2-3 times a week but should not be a daily additive. And it should never be excessively seasoned.

Can Dogs Eat Couscous Mixed With…?

Mixing the couscous with chicken, lamb, or other lean meat proteins is suggested for a well rounded meal. Adding fruits and vegetables with the couscous is also a tasty meal for your pet. When introducing couscous to your homemade dog diet make sure the other ingredients aren’t new.

Food allergies and sensitivities are easier to rule out by adding only one new ingredient at a time. Couscous for dogs can look like mush and should be fed in small amounts. Mixing it with other vegetables and meats will make it less messy for your dog to eat and less for your to clean up after.

While mixing couscous with vegetables might sound like a healthy dinner option for your doggy, you have to make sure that all of the vegetables you use are safe for your four-legged friend. Onions and garlic, for example, might sound like a healthy choice, but they are not — both onions and garlic are actually toxic to dogs.

Is Couscous a Gluten Free Alternative for Dogs?

Some dogs can be sensitive to gluten. If your dog is suffering from gluten sensitivity, then he or she can develop small intestinal inflammatory disease if still fed gluten. 

So you might be looking for gluten free alternatives to commercial dog foods. Couscous is a grain that looks a bit like pasta or rice. Being that it is a grain it is not gluten-free. If your dog requires a gluten-free diet, then buckwheat would probably be your best option.

Conclusion on Can Dogs Eat Couscous

Creating a healthy homemade diet for your dog can be time consuming. Finding the right answers can be difficult but with research and awareness you can safely feed your dog couscous and not have to ask can dogs eat couscous.

Dogs can normally eat most human foods yet they aren’t always healthy for your pet. Finding a good mix of proteins, starches, and grains will help you avoid feeding commercial dog foods. Many pet owners switch to homemade dog diets to avoid preservatives and chemicals that are commonly found in commercial foods. Couscous can play a part in your dogs long term health along with additional power foods. We hope we’ve thoroughly answered your question, can dogs eats couscous. Yes they can! Stay aware of what you’re putting in your dogs food and when in doubt check with your local Veterinarian.


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