Can Dogs Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Question: Can dogs eat chicken nuggets? It’s hard not to give into your dog begging for a taste of your chicken nuggets. She will stare at you and you want to give in, but wait. Can dogs even eat chicken nuggets? The answer is yes, dogs can eat chicken nuggets, but it would be far from healthy for a dog to eat chicken nuggets, so it’s still best not to give your dog any.

Why You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog Chicken Nuggets

Fast food places cook their chicken nuggets in vats of vegetable oil. This way of cooking saturates the crust of the nugget and the chicken inside with oil. It makes chicken nuggets high in fats that can clog arteries and slow blood circulation. A dog that eats chicken nuggets on a regular basis will gain weight, get lazy, and may refuse regular food. Giving your dog a healthy treat is a better alternative to fatty chicken nuggets.

Chicken Is Healthy for Dogs, but Processed Chicken Is Not

Whole, fresh chicken is a good addition to your dogs regular diet. Boiled chicken is used in cases when dogs have upset stomachs or aren’t eating their regular meal. Chicken is a great source of protein for dogs and is a popular ingredient in homemade dog food. Chicken nuggets can’t compete with the health benefits of eating organic chicken. It’s better for you to eat and better for your dog if you’re going to feed him chicken.

Fast food chicken nuggets are usually processed in countries outside of the U.S.  Some of those places don’t have the same food and safe handling standards. Without really knowing what’s in them it’s a wonder people still eat them. There have been a variety of tainted foods served and reported that came from fast food restaurants. Processed chicken might be convenient for dinner but in the long run you pay for it with your health. This is the same if dogs eat chicken nuggets. It’s just not healthy for them.

You Want Fries with Those Chicken Nuggets?

French fries might also seem like they’re no harm to dogs. You’d be wrong again. French fries are cooked in the same fatty oils chicken nuggets are cooked in. Potatoes are high in starches that can set off skin and allergy issues in your dog. An unusual amount of salt is found in both chicken nuggets and french fries from fast food restaurants. High sodium intake can cause kidney problem for your dog as their bodies are too small to process the salt like human bodies can.

Can Puppies Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Proper nutrition is important for dogs in all ages, but especially for puppies who are still growing into healthy adult dogs. Puppyhood (it’s actually never a good time) is definitely not a good time to introduce junk food into your dog’s diet.

Conclusion on Can Dogs Eat Chicken Nuggets

The best thing you can do for your buddy when he’s staring you down wanting to eat chicken nuggets with you is to give him a healthy alternative. Dogs shouldn’t eat chicken nuggets from fast food restaurants even though they can. Fast food is fast but the fast replaces healthy. If you want a healthy dog don’t feed your dog chicken nuggets or other processed food. Table scraps are only fine if they are healthy and unseasoned. Feeding your dog human food sort of defeats the purpose of dog food. Serve your dog a diet made specifically for canines.


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