Can Cats Eat Pineapple?

Pineapple, just like other fruits, is not only delicious, but also healthy for us humans. For example, pineapple is a really good source of the much needed vitamin C and it has anti-cancer benefits. As you love your feline friend, you might want to share this delicious and healthy fruit with him, or maybe your cat already had a piece of pineapple from your Hawaiian pizza? Either way, you must be wondering, can cats eat pineapple?

Can Cats Eat Pineapple?

The quick answer would be yes, cats can eat pineapple, but only a small amount is safe. Because pineapples contain high amount of fructose, eating a good amount of this fruit is likely to cause diarrhea in cats. However, if your cat likes pineapples, then feeding him a small amount is okay.

In fact, many cat owners have reported that their cats absolutely love pineapples, so there’s a good chance your cat would enjoy a small piece of this fruit as well.

Are There Any Benefits to Feeding Your Cat Pineapple

can-cats-eat-pineappleCats are carnivores, which means that they are designed to eat meat. While fruits and vegetables can compliment your cat’s diet, the nutrients from fruits and vegetables are not well utilized by cats. Yet, if you are going to feed your cat pineapple or any other fruit, then it’s likely that your cat can make use of at least some of the nutrients the fruit provides.

A pineapple has a lot to offer. It’s a very good source of manganese, which is essential for a cat’s body to effectively use protein and carbohydrates. Besides that, pineapple also contains good amount of copper, fiber, folate, vitamins B6 and many other important nutrients.

The fiber from pineapple can aid digestion. So, if your cat is constipated, you can try feeding him a few pieces of pineapple.

Things to Consider When Feeding Your Cat Pineapple

Steer clear of canned pineapples. Canned fruits often contain added sugar, which is would not be good for your feline friend. As cats are unable to taste sweetness, the added sugar would only add unnecessary calories to your cat’s diet.

Do not feed your cat pineapple skin and rotten fruit. The thorny skin could damage your cat’s intestines and the rotten fruit is very likely to cause diarrhea.

Never feed your cat more than a few pineapple pieces in a single sitting. While a few pieces might sound like a very small amount to you, it’s an okay amount for a cat who is a lot smaller than you.

Conclusion on Can Cats Eat Pineapple

While it’s safe for cats to occasionally eat a few small pieces of pineapple, fruits are not a necessary part of a cat’s diet. You can go ahead and offer your cat a piece of pineapple, but if he doesn’t like it, then it’s okay to just leave this fruit out of your cat’s diet.

Does your cat like pineapples or other fruits? Please leave a comment below and let us know!


5 thoughts on “Can Cats Eat Pineapple?

  1. We have an egyptian mau that loves fruit and vegetables. He actually prefers them to meat! Preparing veggies for supper each night is fun as he sharks and will steal pieces if we are not watching.

  2. My cat Pippa likes pineapple, I was worried it might be too acidic for her but she started licking a piece so I pulled a little off the chunk. Definitely a good way to encourage me to eat more fruit!

  3. My cat just wanted what I was eating (go figure) so I gave him a piece, the he went nuts yelling for more! He tried to swipe it off my fork because he thought I wasn’t giving him a second piece soon enough!

  4. One of my cats loves my evening treat of yogurt, sugar free sweetener, and crushed pineapple. She licks it off my finger, and I only give her a few dips of the finger. But it is her favorite. She doesn’t eat plain yogurt though, and this mix is much preferred over my wife’s mix which replaces the pineapple with mixed berries.

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