Can Cats Eat Pasta?

Pasta is a popular comfort food. It’s tasty and easy to cook. When you are hungry, it’s easy to forget that pasta gets bigger when cooked and make too much of it. If you have cooked too much pasta for you to eat by yourself, then you might be wondering, what to do with it all? You might even be tempted to feed the leftover pasta to your cat, but can cats eat pasta?

Can Cats Eat Pasta?

In short, yes, cats can eat pasta, but it’s far from the best thing to feed your cat. Unless your cat is allergic to wheat, there’s nothing in pasta that would be bad for him, but it doesn’t cover your cat’s nutritional needs.

Pasta contains high amount of carbohydrates, but is a rather poor source of protein. This is okay for us humans, but not for our feline friends. Your cat’s metabolism is a lot different from yours. It breaks down amino acids (of which protein is made up of) a lot faster than your metabolism, and that’s why cat’s have a higher protein requirement compared to us humans.

Because pasta is low in protein, it’s not a good dinner option for felines.
Because pasta is low in protein, it’s not a good dinner option for felines.

Protein deficiency is a serious conditions, which can lead to dangerous health problems in cats. That’s why it is important that your cat’s diet is high in protein.

You can ensure that all your cat’s nutritional needs are covered by feeding him high quality cat food. If your cat is healthy, then occasionally eating a small amount of pasta is fine, but never let your cat fill up on pasta. Also, it’s best not to make a habit out of feeding your cat pasta or other human food not suitable for cats.

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What About Noodles and Spaghetti?

If you are wondering whether it would be okay for your cat to eat noodles or spaghetti, then know that just like pasta, noodles and spaghetti are safe for cats, but not good for them.

Noodles and spaghetti may look different from penne and other types of pasta, but nutritionally they are pretty much the same. Both noodles and spaghetti are also high in carbs but low in protein, and so not the most optimal food for your cat.

Absolutely No Instant Noodles for Cats!

While most types of pasta are safe for cats, instant noodles are not! Instant noodles contain a lot of sodium. Cats, however, cannot tolerate a lot of sodium, so feeding your cat instant noodles can have serious consequences.

Pasta Sauces Can Be Dangerous for Cats!

Pasta sauces often contain onions and garlic, which are poisonous to cats. Even if a particular sauce does not contain onions or garlic, it is still made out of tomatoes, which are too acidic for cats. So, it’s best not to give your cat any kind of pasta sauce.

In Conclusion

If your cat has eaten a pasta, then there’s no need to worry as pasta is not toxic to cats. Yet it is not recommended to feed your cat pasta on purpose, because pasta wouldn’t fulfill your cat’s nutritional needs. Your cat would be much better off eating high quality commercial cat food.



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