Can Cats Eat Hummus?

If you have a cat that likes to hoover up leftover food after a party, you may be keen to keep the junk food and chocolate away from her, but what about the healthy, vegetarian hummus? Can cats eat hummus?

The simple answer to the question can cats eat hummus is no. While it may seem harmless and natural, with no immediate symptoms as your cat is lapping it up, the ingredients of hummus can have some dangerous effects.

The key ingredient here is chickpeas – not a natural part of a carnivorous feline’s diet.

Although very tasty, hummus is best left out of a cat’s diet.

Links between chickpeas and hyper-acidity leads to concerns about gout and kidney stones and there is also the risk of inflaming conditions like arthritis.

You will also have to check the additional ingredients in the hummus because there are also links between garlic and onions and increased risks of anemia. These problems only really occur if these ingredients become a regular part of the diet, but it is best to play it safe and not let your cat get too interested in hummus.

Besides, garlic and onions are both toxic to cats, so a large amount of these vegetables can be very dangerous for your cat.

Hummus is a perfect example of why cat owners need to be very careful about sharing human food with their pets. Hummus is considered quite healthy for us humans, but as it turns out, it’s bad for cats. It’s important to remember that what is good for us, is not necessarily good for our pets whose nutritional needs differ greatly from ours.

Conclusion on Hummus

To sum it up, while hummus does taste good, it’s not a good idea to share it with your cat. A small amount of hummus is not likely to harm your cat, but it’s not good for them either, and if fed on a regular bases it could cause health problems for your cat.



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